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About Dr Theo

Beauty by Dr Theo presently offers a range of aesthetic procedures and cosmetic treatments…
with plans for further expansion on the horizon too!


Bringing more than 35 years’ experience to the table, Dr Theo Potgieter (M.B.CH. B) needs little introduction… His CV is littered with numerous postgraduate qualifications, life-changing success stories and above all, richly varied professional experience. (Which, in recent years, has expanded to include both conscious sedation procedures and aesthetic treatments).

Throughout his career, Dr Theo has enjoyed residing and working in South Africa and England. For 22 years, Dr Theo passionately served as a GP in sunny South Africa… Then, in mid-2004, a move to the UK sparked change, seeing him head into conscious sedation (for dental procedures).

Dr Theo has also worked part-time in aesthetic procedures – before, as of 2018, he turned it into a

full-time work venture.

At Beauty by Dr Theo, clients are assured the same level of quality, excellence and professionalism, which

Dr Theo has shown at each stage of his career.

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